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About kirx.org

Welcome to Falko Gräfe's "kirx.org"

Well, obviously neither "Kirk" nor "Kirx" has anything to do with my real name. I've been using the nickname "Kirk" in several combinations for several years now and so I decided to built a web site's name on this basis. But as you can imagine, "Kirk" itself is occupied for the most interesting domains for quite a while.

After studying Commercial Information Technology I was working for a small Portal vendor for two years. In 2003, as I started to work with ADN Distribution in Germany, I also started do work with Citrix Products. After NFuse Elite I earned my fist experiences with Citrix MetaFrame (which was called Presentation Server later on and now is XenApp). My first contact with SoftGrid was in 2004 when Softricity started to build some Sales Infrastructure in Europe. AppSense, and Ardence (now Citrix Provisioning Server) are also on my scope so you might see some info here as well. In 2008, I joined Log.in Consultants in Germany.

My certifications include

  • Microsoft MVP for App-V
  • Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer for Virtualization
  • Citrix Certified Integration Architect
  • Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator
  • Citrix Certified Instructor [for Application Delivery] from 2004-2010
  • SoftGrid Certified Instructor that includes SoftGrid Certified Professional and SoftGrid Certified Consultant
  • Microsoft Certified Professional for MDOP / App-V
  • AppSense Certified Instructor that includes AppSense Certified Professional
  • Ardence Certified Instructor
  • swSoft (Parallels) Virtuozzo for Windows Administrator

Legal Stuff / Disclaimer

I sometimes do use "deep linking" to help you finding the right pieces of information on the right site quite fast. If you want your site not to be deep linked by kirx.org. simply send me an email (but not a lawyer ;-) ). I try to avoid "deep linking" whenever possible

You may use and copy any of kirx.org's content for your own usage and for distribution as long as you refer to kirx.org being the source. This covers complete materials as well as parts or quotes. No external content linked from here is covered by this allowance. Please refer to the original websites for their disclaimers. Links to external content are marked with the External Link icon